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The Platform generates an invoice for every service bought or transaction that is made in your account. Invoices are a way for you to track your expenses and have neat records for your services distributed by us.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to view and pay invoices.

1) Login to B3 Host Platform 

2) Hover over Billing and click My Invoices


3) On the next page, you can view every invoice generated for your account.

Here, you can...

  • Click on the Invoice # to view it.
  • Sort by Invoice Date
  • View the Due Date
  • Check the status and amount of Invoices

4) To pay an invoice, tick the box of the unpaid invoice and click Pay Selected. To Pay All, select all unpaid invoices and select Pay All.

Hero tip: If all of your invoices are paid — as in the screenshot below — the tick boxes will be grayed out.


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