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Simple Web Hosting  For Your Business Website


We provide lightning fast web hosting for small  businesses backed by professional  support. Regardless if you’re a beginner launching your first website or an e-commerce business needing to serve hundreds of orders a day, we have a web hosting solution perfect for you!

Cloud Web Hosting

Custom Domain Names

Custom Business Emails

Simple and Quick

Quick and Easy to Setup

Easily setup your website on our high-speed private cloud without any previous or technical knowledge required. Manage all of your content, emails, and domains right inside of our platform. Build dynamic online stores secured by free and automatic SSL that rank higher in search engines!

Supreme Reliability

Sleep sound knowing your website is online around the clock with B3 Host Agents monitoring 24x7x365. 

Affordable Power

Easily build and manage your website to fit your specific needs in an easy to use control panel.

Unmatched Security

Protect your reputation, business, and brand with our unique security systems included free in every hosting package. Enhanced features including malware scanning is included  in our Pro & Empowered hosting package.

Your Website 20x Faster

People Don’t Visit Slow Websites. Recall the last slow website you visited. How would you describe that experience? A slow website is not only annoying but damaging to your search engine results and reputation. We’re committed to delivering blazing fast load times for websites of all sizes!

Our Focus

Supreme Reliability

If people can’t reach your website it’s worthless. Downtime not only costs you lost revenue but can also diminish your reputation and hurt your brand. We believe every website, regardless of size, is entitled to 99.9% uptime and we’ve been providing for all of our clients. 


Yearly Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

*Price shown reflects 1 year billing cycle with discount valid on first invoice only. Domains and hosting will renew at its regular price after 1 year. 


Monthly Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

*Price shown reflects 1 year billing cycle with discount valid on first invoice only.


What is a domain name?

A domain is what makes your website visible to the outside world. For example, our domain is, which is what you had to click on/type in to get here. A domain should be considered “virtual real estate” where your online presence begins.

What is the difference between a domain and web hosting?

A domain is the actual name people will use to navigate to your website. Web hosting is what powers the storage/back-end of your website to make it functional. You may order a domain without web hosting (some people hold them as investments, others redirect to existing websites) but you may not purchase web hosting without a domain.

If I own a domain already, can i Transfer it to B3 Host?

Absolutely! If you have already registered your domain with another provider (such as GoDaddy), you may trnasfer it from them over to us. Don’t worry if it’s not up for renewal, you won’t lose any time you’ve already paid for, most domains (i.e. .com, .net, .org) actually get an additional year free once transferred. Contact us today to get started!

How do domain registrations work?

First, you have to search and see if your domain is available. If it is, you can take ownership of the name by registering it, which includes a yearly renewal fee (i.e. $16.95/year for .com). Failure to pay this renewal fee makes the domain available for registration again.

How do I set up emails on my domain?

If you have an existing email account (i.e. at you may register a domain and purchase “email forwarding” to give you the ability to forward emails from to your account. If you’d prefer to have a separate email account for your domain, these are available with all our web hosting packages.” 

Once I register a domain, can I change it later?

Unfortunately all domain registrations are final upon payment and cannot be changed. Therefore it’s very important when registering a domain to double check the spelling. However, you do not have any obligation to continue renewing the domain each year, you can let it expire once the first year is up.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Do you have dreams of being a business owner? Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner, desiring to scale your company? If yes, you will definitely want B3 Host to work with you. Listen to what some of our customers have to say about B3 Host!


" Working with B3 Host has been an absolute pleasure. They aim to please from the start to finish. They're  professional, polite, prompt in response and efficient.

They have done a number of projects for us including multiple websites.
Our overall experience has been amazing and we definitely recommend B3 Host services."

Dean Samuels 



B3 Host has made our business thrive. They had our website up and running in no time! All we had to do was give our vision for what we wanted in a website and they were able to make our  ultimate dream of owning a business and having an online platform come true. Apex Imperial is greatful for such a professional experience with B3 Host, and we look forward to our ongoing relationship for all of our needs! Everyone that I have recommended their services to, have had amazing feedback and are extremely happy with their experience. THANK YOU B3 Host for helping our dreams come true!


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